Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunset Behind the Clock Tower

Sunset Behind the Clock Tower
Brush Creek Art Walk
Country Club Plaza
Oil on panel, 6x12
The temperature was perfect, and the breezes were light tucked down by Brush Creek.  I had already painted the creek with the large fountain and gondolas parked along the edge.  Michaela was not yet finished with her painting, so I started this one.  This clock tower is one of the Country Club Plaza icons - and I couldn't resist painting it again this year.  I had only gotten the block in completed when she ready to head for home.  When I am painting on location, I can stay all day long and not notice the time.  I had even considered staying for a nocturne paint, but she would not have agreed to that.  So, upon realization that this would need to be a quick paint, I started in with quick and loose strokes.  The painting became more about the color and reflections than about trying to get all the details in.  There is currently scaffolding all around this clock tower, as repairs are made - but I chose to leave them out.  I wouldn't have had the time to get them marked out anyway.  This is pretty loose and impressionistic, but it captures the mood of the evening, so I am leaving it as is.  This is painting number 258 and Day 18 of Leslie Saeta's 30  Day Painting Challenge.