Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Trumpet Vine

ink and watercolor on handmade paper


I love painting these old fashioned trumpet vines - much more than I like weeding them out of my other flower beds! Grandma had them growing on the cellar, and I can remember her keeping them at bay.  Not realizing how out of hand they could become, I let all things grow outside their boundaries, with reckless abandon!  I thin and transplant when necessary, but I will almost never pull flowers like weeds! As a result these beauties pop up everywhere, and the cellar has a whole side edged with this like a hedge!  The hummingbirds especially love it, and they dart in and out of the blooms constantly. I'm painting small as night approaches, as I am running out of time again.  The days are growing shorter, and I am already missing those extra minutes of daylight!  Painting number 3891 in 3891 days. 

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