Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Queen Anne's Lace

On this rainy day, I found some amazing blooms to paint! I've loved Queen Anne's Lace since I was a little girl, and on Washington Island they are now in full bloom!  Back in Missouri, they are glorious in May, and have long since faded away.  So, this was a perfect chance to paint them fresh, from shelter in the rain.  Their lacey caps are delicate, and always a great study in how to describe something loosely with paint.  It is so easy to try to render each tiny petal, but alas, not my mission.  Afterward, Mom and I were treated to a jam session at an Irish pub, by a friend of the Faheys. It's been so fun immersing ourselves in the island life up here! Painting number 3852 in 3852 days. 

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