Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Night at Crestview Dairy

What a gorgeous night for a nocturne paint!  After finishing a sunset painting on the street side of this property, the gentle glow from the barn light led me here.  It gets dark so late this time of year, that it seemed the light would never fade!  I tried a new nocturne light tonight, a Braun slim rechargeable, magnetic one, but I found it to be too bright.  It sheds a bluish light, so I'm guessing this painting has warmer tones that will be revealed in daylight.  I tried painting with very little light on my panel, so tomorrow morning will truly be a surprise when I open my trunk!  I was nearly the last artist on site, and I'm so glad I stayed to capture the night magic! This painting will be hanging at the Crestview Dairy in the wet paint sale until Saturday evening - of it doesn't sell before that! Painting number 3808 in 3808 days 

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