Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Garden Walk

 I come to these gardens often to paint, and each time I find new flowers in bloom.  My daughters joined me today with their little ones, Augustus, Casper and Kirby.  Gus painted 3 paintings with his watercolors, Casper stamped and drew a little before he was after every bug and frog he could find, and little Kirby was mostly content in his stroller while we visited.  Cooper was there, too, working on his computer, on a shady bench.  It is fun to capture the ever changing beauty with oils, and fun to visit with those enjoying the garden.  It is so very peaceful to become one with a place, just the garden, my panel and paints.  It was a lovely day to spend in the garden. Painting number 3795 in 3795 days. 

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