Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Brooker Creek Sunset


I kept an eye out for gators as I painted along Brooker Creek in John Chestnut Sr Park.  With only 30 minutes to sunset, I decided to go ahead and paint here, though I knew it was cutting it close on time.  The park closes right after sunset, and the trails get pretty dark when the sun goes down.  Standing by a body of water in Florida calls for caution, so I was aware of every movement at water's edge.  I did hear noises, and saw bubbles ripplev the surface, but kept in painting until i reached this point.  Loose and fresh, this one is a quick capture of the beauty, with enough time to pack up and get out before the gates close! SUCH a gorgeous place to paint, I'm so happy I chose to explore this south trail!  Painting number 3694 in 3694 days. 

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