Monday, January 9, 2023

Royal Merchant Doorway


What fun to explore a "new" antique mall with artist friends today!  My first time to the Glenwood Antique Mall, I was enchanted down every isle! So many painting possibilities!  After scouting (and shopping) for far too long, I finally came back to the first scene that caught my eye!  I inked first, and then added watercolor, and then I tried something relatively to my method - I went in with a few colored inks in fountain pens.  I try to match the ink color to the color of pen, and I carry a few primaries for extra "pop" in my work.  I like the depth!  All in TWSBIS, one was newish - the gem one pictured.  It is a new, very economical style - and it had actually dried up s bit when i tried to use it.  This is something I NEVER experience with TWSBIS, so I am certainly disappointed. I don't much care for the hands feel when using it, nor do I like the super tight clip. It comes in a few cool colors, but I will not order this style again, and I might even give this one away to one of my children. I don't have time for tools that aren't perfect!  Painting  number 3658 in 3658 days, and day 10 of the current #stradaeasel challenge. 

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