Saturday, October 1, 2022

Roses over the Fence


When I saw the roses spilling over that picket fence - I HAD to stop and paint them!!  This place always captures my artistic eye when I'm in Fairfield, Illinois.  The Victorian on Main is a wonderful Bed and Breakfast full of charm and culinary delights - and a lovely place to visit!  I knew I would use oils for this lush garden scene, and I sketched it on the panel with a paintbrush, and started laying in those lights, darks, and central colors where I saw them.  It was a cool morning, so standing in the sun to paint this warmed me up after an early morning paint in full shade.  It is so inspiring to paint a place like this - I lost track of time a little!  What better way to spend a couple hours than painting such beauty?  Painting number 4351 in 4351 days. 

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