Saturday, February 12, 2022


This day started with the memorial service of a dear artist friend's father, a local watercolorist icon and generous soul.  The whole family then gathered here this afternoon, for the first time since Christmas, silly covid.  Now the house is quiet, Mike and Michael out helping Cooper with a desk, all is clean, so I come to my easel.  I'm so thankful for these days spent together, sharing joy and sadness with those I love.  Life is made up of so many little moments.  Playing peak-a-boo with little Quinn, walking Casper as we kick the little soccer ball outside, holding Layne as his clear blue eyes stare so deeply into mine, Nolan setting timers on my watch - counting down to "hug time", and little Gus packing a car full of his pups as we played with the train set.  Food, fun, laughter, and many voices filling the house as Alastair seeks a quiet place and Alan plays on his computer in the midst of it all.  The older kids play a new board game in the kitchen as Mom pets the dogs filing over for attention.  Trav's new puppy is scared of it all, but she'll soon come around.  Life is short, and as I cherish every moment, I pick up my favorite TWSBI Diamond fountain pen and start to draw.  Ink and paper are old friends, and so together, we draw one of my jars of countless brushes.  Drawing feels like wrapping myself in a warm blanket, which suits me perfectly tonight.  Painting number 3328 in 3328 days. 

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