Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Frog Pond

 The evening before, I arrived a little too late at this pond to capture the last golden light of the day.  So, on this day I was sure to get to my spot earlier.  I sketched quickly to the song of frogs, hoping the light would last as long as I needed it to.  My camp stool sat precariously on top of the wet soil at water's edge, so I was careful to keep it from sinking.  With my watercolor half pans on the ground, I dipped in and out as I washed in the colors of the landscape with a water brush pen. A few mosquitoes were coming to visit, and I was glad to have my bug jacket on!  I love the peaceful quiet near this pond.  So glad I had time for one more painting here!  Painting number 2771 in 2771 days. 

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