Monday, February 17, 2020

Lake Barkley State Park Trail

When I opened my favorite TWSBI pen for a quick drawing, the ink would not flow correctly. Not wanting to climb down the rocks to rinse the nib, I grabbed the next one.  It flowed nicely from my pen but as I looked down, it was also on my hands and it appeared that some had burst forth in the cap!  What on earth?  Just then a visitor starts chatting me up as I nonchalantly try to wipe ink from my hands!  A few minutes later I am using the tiny bit of water in my brush pen to reduce the stains on my hands.  I still didn't want to climb down rocks to wash up in the lake!  I guess the pressure of the previous week's flight to Arizona had wrecked havoc with my pens! They were fine while there but I had not used these since!  Now I will know to check them!  What I intended for a watercolor turned into an ink due to the excess amounts dropped from said pen!  Another plein air adventure!  Painting number 2607 in 2607 days.

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