Saturday, March 16, 2019

Milk Barn Sunset

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Delicate rice paper is a tricky paper to work with.  For the batik effect, it is important to paint on the rough side.  I begin with an India ink drawing, filling in with watercolor.  The paper is extremely thin, and the paint spreads quickly, so one must stay on the tip of the loaded brush.  Use only the thickest, softest, finest watercolor round brush, because softness matters!  If the brush is anything less, it will abraid the surface, quickly wearing right through the paper!  I have seen this happen!!  When the paper is very wet, do not shift or move it AT ALL - or it will split into tears!  Once one navigates all these obstacles, the coolest, unpredictable effects can be attained.  All it takes is a light touch and a careful hand!  Painting number 2264 in 2264 days.

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