Monday, October 7, 2013

Rush Creek Serenade

Rush Creek Serenade
Oil on panel, 16x12
Parkville in Art
There is something so soothing about setting up beside a creek to paint.  The slow movement of the water and the hum of the insects create their own song in this wooded Rush Creek.  The walking trail leads me along one side of the water, while another trail walks up the other side.  This gentle creek joins the Little Platte just a bit further down from here.  There is a beautiful pasture beyond these trees that I painted last year.  That painting sold, so I hope to paint another this fall.  This is my 277th painting in 277 days.  A painting like this simply restores my soul.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful painting! 277 in 277 is amazingly impressive... It is a lovely piece.